Four Funny Person Woman Man Camera TV T-Shirts

Trump is so proud of himself, being able to remember five different objects within his field of view, in order. He's not shy about broadcasting his alleged ability to ace a test designed to rule out dementia. So glad he's cognitively there and not completely batshit insane. I was worried for a minute there.

1 Person Woman Man Camera TV Moron T-Shirt

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This anti-Trump t-shirt adds the word everyone was thinking when they heard the orange madman's boasting about the five objects.

2 Person Woman Man Camera TV Graphic Word Art Shirt

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This funny trending topic graphic design arranges the five object words inside a thumbs up icon. At the bottom is text #AcedMyTest. 

3 Are You A Genius? Go Vote Anti-Trump T-Shirt

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This shirt design uses icons to represent the five objects. Text reads "Are You a Genius?" in all capital letters with the caption VOTE below.

4 Person Woman Man Camera TV Vintage T-Shirt

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We like how the words are arranged in a circle here, just like the meandering thought process of the racist in chief. The text has been weathered for a vintage look. It's hard to believe it hasn't even been a full four years yet, amirite?

Anti-Trump Weak on Basic Human Decency T-Shirt: SAD

Reasons we need to #resist Donald Trump: he is hateful; he is a bigot; he is a misogynist; he has the maturity of a six-year-old child; he has surrounded himself with deplorable people who lack experience and empathy. A lot of this boils down to the bold statement...

Resist Trump Solidarity Fist T-Shirt

Show your solidarity against bigotry, racism, misogyny, hate, fear, and discrimination with this raised fist Anti-Trump t-shirt. This graphic political t-shirt uses the familiar raised clenched fist to show solidarity in the aim to #Resist Trump. Stay on the right side of history and resist the Tangerine...

Anti-Trump Drumpf Not My President T-Shirt

This anti-Trump t-shirt features a simple spoof campaign logo design with the true name of our brand new first family, Drumpf. And since we all know that America already is great, the new slogan under the name reads NOT MY PRESIDENT. Got disdain for America's new "leadership"? Then...

The Jerkstore Called: Seinfeld Anti-Trump Mashup

This funny political t-shirt makes fun of Donald Trump in the most Seinfeld way ever. It uses George Costanza's late "jerkstore" comeback to maximum effectiveness.This is a simple text shirt with a great anti-Trump message. One of Trump's many problems is that he's basically a...