Kawaii Biden Collection

A cute and wholesome kawaii-style cartoon drawing of Joe Biden is the main graphic on the swag in this political collection. Find t-shirts, yard signs, buttons, face masks, and car magnets with cartoon Joe and a variety of upbeat slogans promoting the Democrat's run for the White House in 2020.

1 Cute Cartoon Joe Biden 2020 Garden Flag

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Fly this cute yard flag with kawaii Joe Biden to make your neighbors smile on their way to the polls (or post office). Cartoon Joe gives a thumbs up and wears a big smile against a simple American flag background. BIDEN 2020 is written below in logo style. This cute political flag is a great way to share that you're working towards a BLUE WAVE in 2020.

2 Kawaii Biden Come On, Man! Vote for Joe T-Shirt

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Kawaii Joe Biden wears his iconic aviator shades in this funny political t-shirt design. Text around him reads COME ON, MAN, VOTE FOR JOE. The apparel design is shown here on a fine jersey shirt for girls; customize to your favorite kids, unisex, or women's cut and color.

3 Cotton Face Mask with Kawaii Joe Biden

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You can spread smiles to others as you keep yours safely covered with this cute cartoon Joe Biden face mask. Joe gives a thumbs up as he flashes a big smile. This white cotton face mask is washable and reusable. Wear it often in the days leading up to the election!

4 Kawaii Joe Biden Thumbs Up T-Shirt

Here's cartoon Joe standing with a smile and a thumbs up on a t-shirt. Get this on different colors and styles of shirts -- it's easy to change to your preference. Kawaii Joe is shown here with BIDEN written below in logo-style text. The featured shirt is a men's or unisex basic dark t-shirt in Charcoal Heather.

5 Cartoon Biden Thumbs Up with Logo Name Button

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Get this cute political button with a kawaii image of Joe Biden along with his last name written in logo style. Cartoon Joe gives a big thumbs up and flashes a big smile. This button design can be put on round buttons of various sizes or can be put on square buttons.

Funny Consumer Rating Anti-Trump Yard Sign

What kind of rating would you give Trump? This is a funny anti-Trump yard sign indicating a poor review: just a half star with the subtitle "Based on 328 Million Reviews" with the added note in all capital letters: "Very Bad Not Recommended". I think a half...

ImpeachMint Anti-Trump Mints & Tea Gag Gifts

Trump's impeachment proceedings were initiated in December, 2019. To the dismay of sane individuals worldwide, he was acquitted on February 5, 2020. That doesn't change the fact that he was the 3rd President to be impeached, following Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.  Let's gloat in that fact and hope...

Why Trump Deserves Trust, Respect & Admiration Paperback

This is a great gift to 1. enrage your Democrat friends briefly before 2. making them laugh uncontrolably. You guessed it -- this book is full of blank pages. After the laughter has died down, this funny "pro-Trump" book is perfect for regifting to folks...

Anti-GOP Government of Putin Protest T-Shirt

This clever anti-GOP anti-Republican t-shirt design posits a new meaning for the abbreviation. Here GOP stands for Government of Putin. The logo includes a communist symbol, the hammer and sickle, in place of the letter O. Underneath the GOP logo, the new meaning is explained with text that...