NEW! Biden - Harris Yard Signs

Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate on August 11, 2020. The historic ticket is ready to go all the way. Show your support for this historic ticket with a new yard sign designed for the dynamic duo team. Find free-standing signs and garden flags and customizable messages to share your political views. 

Teachers for Biden Harris 2020 Yard Sign

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Due to the out of control pandemic raging across the United States, we are all suffering. Teachers are suffering due to the negligence, lack of planning, lack of leadership at many levels. Teachers want to see leaders take control and help the American people defeat the virus, not pretend like it doesn't exist. Teachers for Biden will love this new sign that includes his running mate's name in the message: TEACHERS FOR BIDEN HARRIS 2020.

Two-Pack Biden Harris 2020 Yard Signs

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Get this two pack to double your impact. Give one to your neighbor, your friend, your parents, or display at home and at work. Bold blue text reads BIDEN HARRIS against a white background. 2020 is featured below in white text against a complementary blue background.

Funny "Come On, Man" Biden Harris Yard Sign

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This fun yard sign uses one of Joe's exasperated catchphrases. Spread smiles and political awareness when you display this Biden Harris political sign in your yard. Who else are you going to vote for? Come on, man!


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You can find yard signs for lots of groups, like Republicans for Biden, Teachers for Biden, and more. Use this customizable yard sign to display your group for a truly custom sign. Some ideas you can use to replace the personalized text include hobbies, professions, clubs, names, locations, or even funny words. How about Bikers for Biden Harris; Swimmers for Biden Harris; Drivers for Biden Harris; Pinewoods for Biden Harris; Dog Lovers for Biden Harris; Geeks for Biden Harris; Race Fans for Biden Harris; etc! Get creative with this!

Fun & Alternative Uses for Joe Biden Paper Mask

Other Ideas: Add a cardboard backing and use Joe's smiling mug as a tree topper for your year-long holiday tree, or save for Christmas.  Put a medical mask on Joe and use him as a sign in your office or business to promote mask-wearing. 

Veterans for Biden-Harris Yard Signs & More

Veterans and those who serve in the military deserve respect and support from their country, and especially from their commander in chief. Here are some yard signs and other political swag that veterans and service members can use to show their support for the Biden-Harris ticket in 2020.

Fast Ship Biden 2020 Flag Bundle

Getting ready for a flag waving event or other space where you want to show support for Joe Biden? As of this writing, this affordable set of Biden 2020 flags from Amazon is ready to ship with arrival in just 2 days. Note that this can change,...