Fun Novelty Political & Movement Sunglasses

Wear your political activism on your eyes with these fun novelty sunglasses. The novelty glasses feature bold messages or images and can be customized further to suit your needs. These glasses are fun to wear at rallies, during parades, party photo ops, and while working to get the vote out or other political, social events.

Note that these are all novelty sunglasses that might cut down on glare but don't provide any real eye protection from the elements. These are great for short-term use outdoors or indoor use.

Vote Blue Retro Novelty Sunglasses

Found on Zazzle

These fun novelty glasses read VOTE across the lenses. Shown here in the kid's style, you can pick these up in aviator and party styles for adults, and pick a different frame color to best suit your needs.

Patriotic American Flag Novelty Sunglasses

Found on Zazzle

Old Glory stars and stripes are featured across the lenses of these white frame patriotic novelty glasses. This design looks great in red or blue frames, too. Evoke Joe's style by getting these with aviator frames.

Vote Blue Political Novelty Sunglasses

Found on Zazzle

Share your passion for our progressive party with these Vote Blue sunglasses. The text VOTE BLUE is backed with the stars and stripes of the American flag, making these patriotic, too!

BLM Black Lives Matter Novelty Sunglasses

Found on Zazzle

BLM is written in clear bold white text against a black background. Make an easy statement with these black-frame novelty glasses.

Retro Art Deco VOTE Novelty Sunglasses

Found on Zazzle

Vote is written on each lens of these novelty sunglasses. The retro style font uses a solid triangle for the V and three straight lines for the E. These fun sunglasses look great in black frames as shown, or pick blue, red, or white for a different look.

Democrat Symbol Political Donkey Sunglasses

Found on Zazzle

These political novelty sunglasses use the familiar symbol of the Democratic party, the red, white, and blue donkey, to decorate the lenses. These look great in blue frames as shown.

Blue Wave 2020 T-Shirts

We're looking for a Blue Wave at the polls this year. If you're looking to turn your state blue or ride the blue wave all across your ballot, you can share your progressive Democratic values with a blue wave shirt like the ones featured below. 

Women's Suffragette Costume for Halloween, Protesting Events

Dress up as a historical figure of progressive values and equality for all with this Suffragette costume. This is a fun outfit for Halloween or can be used at rallies for women's equality, abortion rights, and other progressive or political events like parades and protests. This costume...

Choose Kindness! Be Kind Yard Signs

Kindness can go a long way to healing divides. Spread kindness at home, among your neighbors, and in your town or city with these motivational yard signs. Kindness wins and that should be a message understood and shared by all.

In November We Vote Blue Pro Democrat Navy Blue Hooded Sweatshirt

Let's make a blue wave wash over the country when we vote for Democrats in November. This political design uses a cute phrase to get out the message to vote. This is perfect for GOTV (get out the vote) events, canvassing, or everyday wear when you want to...