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Featured BLM Gear

Black Lives Matter apparel, accessories, and signs to share your support for the movement. Shop more Black Lives Matter gear.

Black Lives Matter Sand Imprint Flip Flop - portion of the proceeds to support the Equal Justice Initiative – Stand in solidarity against incidents of police brutality against Blacks with Black Lives Matter sand imprint flip flops. 20% of the profits from each sale are... View on Etsy
Black Lives Matter Women's T-Shirt (light) – This product is created to stand in unity, support and solidarity with black lives. 100% of artist proceeds will be donated to One Struggle KC, to... View on Zazzle
Black Lives Matter Bracelet - Silicone BLM Wristband Accessories - Crisp Colors & High Contrasts, Clear Prints - Universal Fit for Men & Women - Black Band with White Text (2) – ✊ SAY IT LOUD - The crisp colors, high contrasts, and bold prints on our silicone BLM bands allow you to show where you stand in... View on Amazon
Made You Look Black Lives Matter Red Embroidered Baseball Cap – Racism is the problem. We will never be on their side, but we might be able to make them think about ours. View on Zazzle

Latest Posts

Inclusive Yard Signs

Share your values by placing a yard sign in your yard with progressive and inclusive messaging. These signs are a perfect way to show your mindset with your neighbors and anyone else who passes by your home.

Fun & Alternative Uses for Joe Biden Paper Mask

Other Ideas: Add a cardboard backing and use Joe's smiling mug as a tree topper for your year-long holiday tree, or save for Christmas.  Put a medical mask on Joe and use him as a sign in your office or business to promote mask-wearing. 

When It's Your Turn Get Your Shot Pro-Vaccine T-Shirt

Those of us who listen to the public health experts and trained medical doctors know what they tell us is true: vaccines save lives. Now we have several different safe and effective vaccines approved for use in the United States. Delivery of the vaccines and ability to get...

Real Life Action Figures: Political Stars

You can carry or display little reminders of the good fight with these action figures modeled after real life political heroes. The figures are about 6" tall and can be posed with props or carried around with you as you go about your day and fight your own...

Kiss Me I Voted for Biden T-Shirt for St. Patrick's Day

Get ready for St. Patrick's Day with this fun shirt that mashes up your political views with the Irish holiday. Bold green text in a rectangle outline shape reads "Kiss Me I Voted for Biden" in all capital letters. The sentiment is accompanied by a lucky four leaf...

Mini Collectible Handcrafted Bernie's Mittens

Teacher Jen Ellis of Vermont gave a pair of mittens to Bernie Sanders back in 2016. When Bernie wore them to President Joe Biden's inauguration on January 20, 2021, his pose, disposition, wardrobe, and accessories became a widely-shared meme. While Ellis is no longer making mittens, soon after...

Pre-Order Amanda Gorman Poetry Books

Amanda Gorman, our 2017 National Youth Poet Laureate, was a breakout star at yesterday's presidential inauguration event. At 22, she was the youngest poet to read at any presidential inauguration, and she almost stole the show with her reading of her phenomenal poem "The Hill We Climb". The...

2021 Calendar Suggestions for Progressives & Democrats

After this exhausting year, we're all looking forward to 2021. Get ready to ring in the new year with a new calendar. A themed wall calendar with a new image and message for each month of the year is a great way to keep track of appointments and...