Vote Blue Get Out the Vote Voter Postcards

If you're planning on writing personal postcards to other voters as part of your political activism for the upcoming election, use cards that pop with a pro-Democrat message. 

Join other political activists in sending persuasive personal messages to voters across the country. Postcards to Voters and Vote Forward are just two organizations that helps connect writers to voters. Use a specially design postcard to emphasize your important message. Find some examples below.

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Blue Wave 2020 T-Shirts

We're looking for a Blue Wave at the polls this year. If you're looking to turn your state blue or ride the blue wave all across your ballot, you can share your progressive Democratic values with a blue wave shirt like the ones featured below. 

Choose Kindness! Be Kind Yard Signs

Kindness can go a long way to healing divides. Spread kindness at home, among your neighbors, and in your town or city with these motivational yard signs. Kindness wins and that should be a message understood and shared by all.

Mini Collectible Handcrafted Bernie's Mittens

Teacher Jen Ellis of Vermont gave a pair of mittens to Bernie Sanders back in 2016. When Bernie wore them to President Joe Biden's inauguration on January 20, 2021, his pose, disposition, wardrobe, and accessories became a widely-shared meme. While Ellis is no longer making mittens, soon after...

Stephen Colbert's Better Know a Ballot Series

We're less than 50 days from the 2020 Presidential Election. Stephen Colbert is doing his part to get the word out about voting with his new series, Better Know a Ballot.