Congratulations President Elect Biden & Vice President Elect Harris

Happy tears! Congratulations, America. Celebrate! And then we all have to get to work.

Happy Birthday Kamala Harris!

Kamala Devi Harris was born on October 20, 1964 in Oakland, California. Happy 56th birthday to you, future Ms. Vice President!

About that Fly...

T-shirt designers were on Pence's fly like the fly was on Pence's head. Here's a round-up of the best Mike Pence Debate Fly T-Shirts.

Pretty Fly on a White Guy T-Shirt

Found on Amazon

Get this Pence fly slogan design with a pair of Biden-esque patroitic shades. Text in a distressed style for a vintage look reads PRETTY FLY ON A WHITE GUY.

When They Go Low We Go Fly T-Shirt

Found on Amazon

Bold white text makes up this slogan t-shirt inspired by Pence's fly. In all caps, this shirt reads "When They Go Low, We Go Fly" and "Biden 2020". The text has been distressed for a vintage look. 

The Fly For Vice President T-Shirt

Found on Zazzle

The fly got more press than Pence himself, that's for sure. I think he'd be a more effective V.P., too. This red and blue design that includes a basic illustrated fly looks great on a plain white tee.

Pence's Fly Marches for Biden Harris Shirt

Found on Amazon

This shirt shows a zoomed in image of the fly on Mike Pence's head. The insect is holding the world's smallest Biden Harris 2020 sign.

Pence's Only Black Friend Fly Meme T-Shirt

Found on Amazon

One of the 1,000 memes to come out of the memorable Vice Presidential Debate of 2020 was the idea that the fly on his head was Pence's Only Black Friend. This is a stylish text design with an oversized simple illustration of a fly.

Lord of the F'n Lies Pence's Fly T-Shirt

Found on Zazzle

A harsh image of Pence with a giant fly on his head is accompanied by this funny spoof slogan that evokes "The Lord of the Flies". Here the text reads "Lord of the F'n Lies".

Fun Biden-Harris Mandalorian Mashup Yard Sign

Fast Ship Biden 2020 Flag Bundle

Fast, Cheap, Easy BIDEN 2020 Hat DIY Hack

If you have a Velcro-ready trucker hat or baseball cap, this patch will attach immediately and you'll be ready to roll for your next flag waving event, car parade, or other Biden-Harris event. If you want to attach the patch to any other type of hat or visor, using a few strategically placed stitches should do the trick. That's what I did to attach the patch to a plain Headsweats visor I already had in my possession. Note that this embroidered patch is fairly stiff; it was a little bit tough to get my needle through the patch but it was very doable.

This bold, affordable embroidered Biden 2020 patch is also available in a two-pack or 4-pack. With the money you save on this cheap DIY Biden for President hat hack, you'll have cash left over to make a donation to support Joe and Kamala make it to the White House.

Anti-Trump MAGA Spoof Red Baseball Caps

Both Trump supporters and your anti-Trump friends and family will do a double-take when they see you wearing a red hat with white text like the ones featured here. But look again, the text doesn't say what you think it might. These funny spoof anti-Trump hats are great for making halfwit MAGA racists fume.

Made Ya Look | Black Lives Matter Red Baseball Cap

Found on Etsy

If you have to trick idiot MAGA supporters into understanding that Black Lives Matter, so be it. This one is perfect at showing support for BLM and triggering MAGA-holes at the same time. 

Russian Make America Great Again Hat In Cyrillic

Found on Amazon

This anti-Trump MAGA spoof hat roughly translates to the usual slogan but in Russian text. Just like our Russian lapdog president, this one probably makes Putin happy, and Trump supporters cry. Read the reviews of this one, you won't be disappointed. 

Made You Look | Biden-Harris MAGA Spoof Hat

Found on Zazzle

Embroidered text looks like MAGA from afar, but up close you'll be able to read the truth of what this spoof hat reads: "MADE YOU LOOK" and "BIDEN-HARRIS 2020". 

Make Red Hats Wearable Again

Found on Amazon

If you're like me, you've got a red hat or two that became unwearable when the MAGA deplorables ruined them. At least you can wear this one and get your anti-Trump message across, until they come back into fashion.

Funny Steal My Yard Sign Pro-Biden Anti-Trump

Reminder: 2020 Election Day is November 3rd. 

There are just 43 days to Election Day! Some states allow early voting up to 46 days before election day, which means that early voting is already underway in some states! Mail-in (or absentee) voting is an option in many locations as well. It's important to have a plan for voting this year, due to pandemic restrictions and changes. Vote by mail, use early ballot drop-off, or vote in person on election day or during early voting. Have a plan -- for your safety and to be sure your voice will be heard and your vote will count. Visit I Will Vote to check your registration status and plan how you want to vote.

Blue Wave 2020 T-Shirts

We're looking for a Blue Wave at the polls this year. If you're looking to turn your state blue or ride the blue wave all across your ballot, you can share your progressive Democratic values with a blue wave shirt like the ones featured below. 

1 2020 Vote Blue Modern T-Shirt

Found on Amazon

This navy blue t-shirt reads 2020 in a large, modern font. The first zero has a blue ocean wave with a rising sun. Below, smaller text reads VOTE BLUE. This is a great shirt to wear for the remainder of this crazy year and to commemorate surviving 2020. 

2 Blue Wave Over Washington T-Shirt

Found on Amazon

This graphic t-shirt features a large stylized wave about to wash over the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. The image is captioned with capital letters: BLUEWAVE.

3 Vote Blue | Vintage Blue Wave T-Shirt

Found on Amazon

This all-blue graphic design is distressed for a vintage-style look. A stylized blue wave is captioned with the simple text "VOTE BLUE". 

4 "vote" Blue Wave Stylized Graphic T-Shirt

Found on Amazon

Simple blue lines make up stylized waves on this graphic t-shirt. The image is simply captioned with the word "vote" in the upper right corner. Get this to share your desire for a Blue Wave in 2020 and for the future.

Anti-Trump Yard Signs for Biden Supporters

Share your disdain for Trump with these stylish anti-Trump yard signs in the style of the Biden-Harris campaign. The signs are blue and use a font style like that of official Biden 2020 swag. From a distance the signs might look like they have pro-Biden slogans. In reality, the words on these signs are markedly anti-Trump.

The Trump for Prison political yard sign with big, bold slogan that reads simply TRUMP FOR PRISON with the subtitle LOCK HIM UP, a chant familiar to Trump's base of sheep.

The Anti-Trump It's a Miracle sign is inspired by our dear leader's early words regarding the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. The text reads ONE DAY IT'S LIKE A MIRACLE HE'LL GO AWAY with the subtitle VOTE HIM OUT.

Both signs are dark blue with a thin red outline enhanced by white stars along the bottom. You can purchase these signs with a wire metal stake or a premium heavy duty plastic stand, or without a stand if you already have your own.

Anti-Trump For Prison | Lock Him Up Sign – Supporters of Biden-Harris and other sane people who don't support the current maniac in the White House can't wait for the day when our national Trump... View on Zazzle
Anti-Trump It's a Miracle, He'll Go Away Sign – Supporters of Biden-Harris and other sane people who don't support the current maniac in the White House can't wait for the day when Trump just goes... View on Zazzle