2021 Calendar Suggestions for Progressives & Democrats

After this exhausting year, we're all looking forward to 2021. Get ready to ring in the new year with a new calendar. A themed wall calendar with a new image and message for each month of the year is a great way to keep track of appointments and events as well as note milestones. Pick a calendar with an uplifting theme like one of the highlighted choices below.

The Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg 2021 Wall Calendar

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Original artworks inspired by the groundbreaking litigator and justice are featured during each month of 2021 in this wall calendar. You'll also find inspirational quotes made by RBG as well as notes about milestones she accomplished during her career.

Posters for Peace & Justice 2021 Wall Calendar

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This wall calendar is subtitled "A History of Modern Political Action Posters". Each month's image is a reproduced political action poster along with a short summary of the campaign and/or the artist behind the work. Highlighted issues include the environment, health justice, and human rights.

Madam Vice President Kamala Harris 2021 Wall Calendar

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Celebrate the groundbreaking victory of the Biden-Harris ticket during 2021 with this Kamala Harris wall calendar. The calendar will have Kamala Harris quotes accompanied by original artworks. As of this writing, the calendar is a pr-order item. 

Celebrate Puerto Rican Pride on Discovery Day with Raised Fist Design

November 19th marks Discovery Day in Puerto Rico. Día del Descubrimiento de Puerto Rico marks the date, November 19, 1493, that Christopher Columbus landed on the northwest coast of Puerto Rico. The day is a national holiday in Puerto Rico, marked by the closure of banks, public offices,...

VOTE Progressive Rights Graphic Typography T-Shirt

Voting season will be here before we know it, and we have to mobilize to ensure our rights don't continue to be trampled. This awesome typographic design reads simply VOTE but each letter cleverly represents a subject near and dear to liberals, progressives, and anyone who is...

Stephen Colbert's Better Know a Ballot Series

We're less than 50 days from the 2020 Presidential Election. Stephen Colbert is doing his part to get the word out about voting with his new series, Better Know a Ballot. 

Gratis Knuffels Dutch Free Hugs T-Shirt

On April 19th we celebrate Dutch-American Friendship Day. The date commemorates the date John Adams became the first U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands in 1782. We have celebrated this relationship since 1982 when President Ronald Reagan designated the date. On this day we are sharing a fun t-shirt that...