About that Fly...

T-shirt designers were on Pence's fly like the fly was on Pence's head. Here's a round-up of the best Mike Pence Debate Fly T-Shirts.

1 Pretty Fly on a White Guy T-Shirt

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Get this Pence fly slogan design with a pair of Biden-esque patroitic shades. Text in a distressed style for a vintage look reads PRETTY FLY ON A WHITE GUY.

2 When They Go Low We Go Fly T-Shirt

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Bold white text makes up this slogan t-shirt inspired by Pence's fly. In all caps, this shirt reads "When They Go Low, We Go Fly" and "Biden 2020". The text has been distressed for a vintage look. 

3 Pence's Fly Marches for Biden Harris Shirt

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This shirt shows a zoomed in image of the fly on Mike Pence's head. The insect is holding the world's smallest Biden Harris 2020 sign.

4 Pence's Only Black Friend Fly Meme T-Shirt

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One of the 1,000 memes to come out of the memorable Vice Presidential Debate of 2020 was the idea that the fly on his head was Pence's Only Black Friend. This is a stylish text design with an oversized simple illustration of a fly.

Funny Anti-Trump Stupid Supporters Political T-Shirt

This is a funny political t-shirt to share not only disdain for the orange stain but for his cult / followers, who are difficult to understand at the best of times and completely perplexing to anyone with a brain the rest of the the time.  This anti-Trump...

Anti-Trump Bone Spurs Veterans Against Trump T-Shirt

Whether you're a veteran yourself or want to show support for our hero veterans, this Veterans Against Trump novelty t-shirt is a great way...

Anti-Trump "trumpsplain" Definition Funny Political T-Shirt

Introducing our exclusive design "Trumpsplain" Definition t-shirt, a witty and humorous take on an idea that's become all too familiar in today's political landscape.  Front...

Alternative Facts Are Not Facts T-Shirt

"Alternative Facts" is just one of many completely nonsensical bull phrases that came out of our national nightmare with Drumpf in the White House. Kellyanne Conway famously uttered these words when contradicting actual facts laid out by Chuck Todd of NBC during an interview. But here's the...