Anti-Trump Yard Signs for Biden Supporters

Share your disdain for Trump with these stylish anti-Trump yard signs in the style of the Biden-Harris campaign. The signs are blue and use a font style like that of official Biden 2020 swag. From a distance the signs might look like they have pro-Biden slogans. In reality, the words on these signs are markedly anti-Trump.

The Trump for Prison political yard sign with big, bold slogan that reads simply TRUMP FOR PRISON with the subtitle LOCK HIM UP, a chant familiar to Trump's base of sheep.

The Anti-Trump It's a Miracle sign is inspired by our dear leader's early words regarding the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. The text reads ONE DAY IT'S LIKE A MIRACLE HE'LL GO AWAY with the subtitle VOTE HIM OUT.

Both signs are dark blue with a thin red outline enhanced by white stars along the bottom. You can purchase these signs with a wire metal stake or a premium heavy duty plastic stand, or without a stand if you already have your own.

Anti-Trump For Prison | Lock Him Up Sign – Supporters of Biden-Harris and other sane people who don't support the current maniac in the White House can't wait for the day when our national Trump... View on Zazzle
Anti-Trump It's a Miracle, He'll Go Away Sign – Supporters of Biden-Harris and other sane people who don't support the current maniac in the White House can't wait for the day when Trump just goes... View on Zazzle

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