Anti-Trump Yard Signs for Biden Supporters

Share your disdain for Trump with these stylish anti-Trump yard signs in the style of the Biden-Harris campaign. The signs are blue and use a font style like that of official Biden 2020 swag. From a distance the signs might look like they have pro-Biden slogans. In reality, the words on these signs are markedly anti-Trump.

The Trump for Prison political yard sign with big, bold slogan that reads simply TRUMP FOR PRISON with the subtitle LOCK HIM UP, a chant familiar to Trump's base of sheep.

The Anti-Trump It's a Miracle sign is inspired by our dear leader's early words regarding the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. The text reads ONE DAY IT'S LIKE A MIRACLE HE'LL GO AWAY with the subtitle VOTE HIM OUT.

Both signs are dark blue with a thin red outline enhanced by white stars along the bottom. You can purchase these signs with a wire metal stake or a premium heavy duty plastic stand, or without a stand if you already have your own.

Anti-Trump For Prison | Lock Him Up Sign – Supporters of Biden-Harris and other sane people who don't support the current maniac in the White House can't wait for the day when our national Trump... View on Zazzle
Anti-Trump It's a Miracle, He'll Go Away Sign – Supporters of Biden-Harris and other sane people who don't support the current maniac in the White House can't wait for the day when Trump just goes... View on Zazzle

Why Trump Deserves Trust, Respect & Admiration Paperback

This is a great gift to 1. enrage your Democrat friends briefly before 2. making them laugh uncontrolably. You guessed it -- this book is full of blank pages. After the laughter has died down, this funny "pro-Trump" book is perfect for regifting to folks...

Get Fired Up: Watch The Lincoln Project's Unique Video Ads

Do you know about The Lincoln Project? It's a Political Action Committee (PAC) that was formed by former (and some current) Republican party members. Their main goal is to prevent the re-election of Trump and his congressional supporters.  The group is named after Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president, and, as everyone knows, a Republican. 

ImpeachMint Anti-Trump Mints & Tea Gag Gifts

Trump's impeachment proceedings were initiated in December, 2019. To the dismay of sane individuals worldwide, he was acquitted on February 5, 2020. That doesn't change the fact that he was the 3rd President to be impeached, following Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.  Let's gloat in that fact and hope...

Republicans for Biden T-Shirts & Yard Signs

Reasonable conservatives can't possibly support Trump. Here is some swag to share with conservative friends who believe in the Republican party and reject the current occupant of the White House. We can all get along, and compromise is possible, as long as we all agree that Trump has to go.