Fast, Cheap, Easy BIDEN 2020 Hat DIY Hack

If you have a Velcro-ready trucker hat or baseball cap, this patch will attach immediately and you'll be ready to roll for your next flag waving event, car parade, or other Biden-Harris event. If you want to attach the patch to any other type of hat or visor, using a few strategically placed stitches should do the trick. That's what I did to attach the patch to a plain Headsweats visor I already had in my possession. Note that this embroidered patch is fairly stiff; it was a little bit tough to get my needle through the patch but it was very doable.

This bold, affordable embroidered Biden 2020 patch is also available in a two-pack or 4-pack. With the money you save on this cheap DIY Biden for President hat hack, you'll have cash left over to make a donation to support Joe and Kamala make it to the White House.

Jews for Joe & Kamala 2020 Trucker Hat

Show support for Joe and Kamala in Hebrew with this bold political trucker hat. B''H can be translated as "Baruch Hashem" (May God Be Blessed) or "Bezrat Hashem" (With God's Help). Jewish Democrats can proudly wear this hat at a Biden parade (boat, golf cart, or car), on...