Trump Baby Balloon Spoof Swag for Anti-Trump Protesting

Today is 5 weeks before the first presidential primary of 2024 (Iowa's caucus on January 15th). Can you believe that Trump is still even an option, let alone leading is some polls? It's like an unending national nightmare. So we will continue to share anti-Trump gear for the sane among us. 

Today we're revisiting a trend that began in July 2018. That was the day the famous giant Trump baby balloon made its debut over Parliament Square in London. Since then the balloon has flown in other locations as a sign of protest, and countless copies have been made. 

You can have your very own Trump baby balloon in various sizes and forms to share your own protest.

The original Trump Baby balloon had a cell phone in one hand, wore a diaper, and had a disgusting orange flesh tone (except around the eyes). Find some classic examples of the Trump Baby featured on swag below.

10-Pack 27" Baby Trump Balloons

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This multi-pack of Baby Trump balloons is perfect for a variety of situations! Get these mini replicas for your next anti-Trump rally or other political event, use them to decorate for your election day party, or display them in your yard as a fun alternative to a traditional political yard sign.

Popular Baby Trump Plush Catnip Cat Toy

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We love this! And so do customers. Be sure to check out the overwhelmingly positive reviews for this fun political cat toy. And see the photos and videos customers have added to their reviews showing their cats having a blast with this toy! The plush toy is infused with catnip to make your kitty a powerful voice of protest. Make kitty happy and give yourself a laugh with this hilarious anti-Trump cat toy!

6-Pack Baby Trump Balloon Stickers

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Make a statement with these funny little Baby Trump stickers. You'll get a pack of six that you can use for protest, decor, and laughs. The stickers are made of vinyl so they're waterproof for outdoor use, and are a great way to make a statement by placing on your water bottle, laptop or tablet, on walls or vehicles.

Jumbo 47" Baby Trump Balloon

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Make a big impact with this big Baby Trump balloon replica. At over 47" tall, this political balloon is perfect for anti-Trump displays and other political events. Fill with helium and let the laughs fly!

Baby Trump Balloon Birch Wood Ornament

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Put a little anti-Trump on your Christmas tree, or hang from your rear-view mirror. This 2.75" x 2.5" birch wood replica of the Baby Trump balloon makes a fun gift for the progressive in your life!

Hilarious Baby Trump Style Trump Face Pinata

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Have fun smashing this funny Trump pinata at your next political party or meeting. The jumbo round pinata features a creepy image of Trump's face in the style of the famous Baby Trump balloon. Fill this with your own candy, toys, political buttons, or whatever treats you'd like to share!

Funny Baby Trump Inflatable Costume

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Dress up like the Baby Trump balloon with this one-size-fits-most-adults inflatable costume! This take on the famous balloon includes a Trump mask, and a bonnet for some reason. It would work better with a Trump wig if you ask me. Carry a cellphone in one hand to complete the look!

Baby Trump Balloon Novelty T-Shirts

Wear one of these fun spoof t-shirts featuring a take on the Baby Trump balloon to share your feelings about the orange menace. Many of these are shown on black unisex t-shirts; most are available in cuts for women and on different color shirts.

Funny Trump Balloon Hot Air Buffoon Baby Trump T-Shirt – Funny Anti Trump shirt showing baby Trump balloon and the words hot air buffoon.; This funny baby trump blimp shirt is a great Anti-Trump gift t-shirt... View on Amazon
Womens Sore Loser Baby Trump Balloon Sad Funny Sore Loser Trump V-Neck T-Shirt – Sore Loser Baby Trump saying Sad. Sore Loser Trump Baby Balloon Blimp Float Shirt Funny Not My President Anti Trump tee with fat crying tiny hands... View on Amazon
BABY TRUMP Balloon Farting a Rainbow Funny Anti Trump Shirt – The BABY TRUMP Balloon is taking over the World by using his magical farting a rainbow!; Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. View on Amazon
Baby Trump Balloon Funny Shirt 45 Protest Political Tee – Anti Trump Trump Baby T Shirt. Wear to your next trump protest. Impeach number 45 Tee. Funny Baby Trump Tee makes a great Gift for any... View on Amazon
Trump Baby Balloon Deflated T-Shirt – Trump Baby Balloon Deflated. Trump is a sore loser and leaving kicking and screaming.You know that big Trump Baby Blimp you see at all the big... View on Amazon
Donald Trump Baby Blimp Abraham Lincoln best president shirt T-Shirt – Donald Trump Baby Blimp Abraham Lincoln balloon best president shirt. IS Donald Trump the best president since Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln memorial trump balloon blimp shirt. POTUS... View on Amazon

Trump for Prison Lock Him Up Yard Sign

As the January 6 Committee shares more and more shocking evidence to the crimes committed by Donald Trump in the days leading up to and on January 6, 2021, calls for justice are growing. This yard sign in the style of a political poster or political sign reads...

Anti-Trump MAGA Spoof Red Baseball Caps

Both Trump supporters and your anti-Trump friends and family will do a double-take when they see you wearing a red hat with white text like the ones featured here. But look again, the text doesn't say what you think it might. These funny spoof anti-Trump hats are great...

Funny Consumer Rating Anti-Trump Yard Sign

What kind of rating would you give Trump? This is a funny anti-Trump yard sign indicating a poor review: just a half star with the subtitle "Based on 328 Million Reviews" with the added note in all capital letters: "Very Bad Not Recommended". I think a half...

Why Trump Deserves Trust, Respect & Admiration Paperback

This is a great gift to 1. enrage your Democrat friends briefly before 2. making them laugh uncontrolably. You guessed it -- this book is full of blank pages. After the laughter has died down, this funny "pro-Trump" book is perfect for regifting to folks...