Periodic Table of Presidential Elections Awesome Educational Poster

More Political Posters in Periodic Table Style

These great visual posters featuring interesting historical information regarding American politics are all done in the style of a periodic table of elements, as the Presidential Elections featured above. The posters are all 24" by 36", a standard size easy for framing and a large format easy for reading and repeated study. The posters are printed on sturdy paper that you can also hang up without a frame. 

Get these posters for your classroom, as a gift for a teacher (your friend, or your child's teacher), for a history buff or politics junkie. They are also great posters for waiting room walls, home offices, and home-school learners. 

Periodic Table of the Presidents | 20" x 30" Classroom Poster | U.S. History | Civics | Government | Social Studies – From George to Joe, this poster has everything that you need to learn about the presidents!; Color coded by political party: red for Republican, blue for... View on Amazon
Periodic Table of the Amendments | 20" x 30" Classroom Poster | Civics | Government | U.S. History | Social Studies – From freedom of speech to presidential succession, this poster shows every amendment, plus a few stories along the way.; Organized by number and grouped by periods:... View on Amazon
The Periodic Table of the Presidents Constitution Blueprint Poster | 20" x 30" Classroom Poster | Civics | Government | U.S. History | Social Studies – Our nation's blueprint!; From the infographic minds at Periodic Presidents.; We've been making engaging posters since 2006.; Everything you need to understand the U.S. Constitution: the... View on Amazon

Orwell's 1984: Extremely Relevant

If you have read this before, it might be time to take another look. And if you've never read George Orwell's classic 1984, now is certainly the time. You won't believe the similarities you'll find between what you're seeing on the news and what you're reading in...

Pre-Order Amanda Gorman Poetry Books

Amanda Gorman, our 2017 National Youth Poet Laureate, was a breakout star at yesterday's presidential inauguration event. At 22, she was the youngest poet to read at any presidential inauguration, and she almost stole the show with her reading of her phenomenal poem "The Hill We Climb". The...

Affordable Pocket Constitution Pamphlet

Carry the important documents that represent the supreme law of the United States with this affordable Constitution pamphlet. The pocket-sized booklet has 52 pages and measures about 6" tall, making it handy and portable, easy to keep with you and at your fingertips. The pocket booklet includes...