Rolls and Rolls of Donald Trump Toilet Paper

Unfortunately we're still talking about this asshole. Speaking of assholes, here's a collection of the traditional, obligatory anti-presidential product featuring the orange menace.

Although I'm not sure how close I'd want a repeating image of the raging cheeto to get to my body.

These are marketed as gag gifts, and if photos of cinnamon Hitler repeating over and over make you gag, then they live up to the name.

1 Pursed Lips Trump Toilet Paper

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Pucker up and wipe down with this repeating pattern of Trump doing his butthole-mouth version of duck lips.

2 3-pack Trump TP Gift Box

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When you want your novelty toilet paper gag gift to make an impression, give a set in a gift box. Flush for Trump!

3 Smirking Trump Expression Toilet Paper

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Here Drumpf has a sickening smarmy smirk on his "face". Now you can wipe your butt with it, over and over!

4 Dump Trump Toilet Gift Set with TP & Brush

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Whoa, this novelty toilet gift set pulls out all the stops! The set includes three rolls of yucky printed paper, and a toilet brush that cleverly uses the brush head as Trump's "hair". This would be a great housewarming gift for progressive pals.

5 Unsettling Vacant Smile Trump Toilet Paper

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This is the creepiest of the bunch, and that's saying a lot about this collection of toilet paper rolls featuring our Pussy-Grabber-In-Chief. At least this one ensures there'll be no loitering in your powder room. Yikes.

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He Lost Anti-Trump You're In a Cult Long Sleeve T-Shirt

This Anti-Trump design uses the logo style of his failed campaign to turn around the message. He Lost. The full text inside the star spangled box reads: No, really. He Lost & you're in a cult.   The maddening cult of Trump continues to haunt our nation, just like their orange leader. He...

2020 Donald Trump Countdown Calendar

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ImpeachMint Anti-Trump Mints & Tea Gag Gifts

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