Georgia Runoff Warnock-Ossoff Election Swag

Never have two runoff Senate elections in one state been so important as the races in Georgia that voters will decide on January 5, 2021. Show your support for both Democratic candidates in Georgia -- Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock -- with unique swag that promotes both of them.

And don't forget to register! Georgia residents can request absentee ballots for this important election today, November 18th!

Warnock & Ossoff Mixed Media Style Printed Yard Sign

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This stylish yard sign uses different styles, clipart images, and fonts in its Democratic message. The 18" x 24" sign comes with a metal mounting stake.

Finish the Job Vote Ossoff Warnock T-Shirt

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This shirt is made to get out the vote. Bold patriotic text is accompanied by a blue silhouette of Georgia. Get this in black on styles for men (unisex, shown) or women.

Keep Georgia Blue Vote Warnock Ossoff Face Mask

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This white mask has a bold message in blue print. Get out the message to VOTE when you're out and about, all while protecting yourself and others from spreading germs.

Your Vote Matters Election Information Yard Sign

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This informative voting yard sign includes a QR code that directs your fellow Georgians to register for the upcoming election. 

Make Georgia Say WOW Warnock Ossoff Win T-Shirt

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This long sleeve t-shirt has the perfect message for the upcoming election. Get this in black as shown or on a variety of different shirt colors, including two shades of Let's Keep Georgia BLUE.

Send Postcards to Georgia Voters

The Georgia U.S. Senate runoff election in January 2021 is important for the entire nation. If we can get out the vote for Democrats, we can get a majority in the Senate. Several different organizations are working to help out of state advocates get involved through personal letter or postcard writing campaigns. Vote Forward and Postcards to Voters are two of those organizations. 

If you'd like to have themed cards to write and send, there are a lot of choices out there. Here are some of our favorites.

Postcards to Voters - Be a Georgia Voter – Postcards to Voters Official Product - Exclusive Brand-New Be A Georgia Voter. All purchases help support operating costs of Postcards to Voters. MyPostcard and Postcards to... View on Etsy
Vote Georgia Get Out the Vote! Postcard – Get out the Vote in Georgia for Democrats Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock with this eye-catching postcard. This is a great card to send out... View on Zazzle
20+ Vote Postcards | Georgia Runoff Election Postcards | Georgia Senate Election 2021 GOTV Postcards | Hand-lettered Blue State Postcards – Georgia's two senate races are going to a runoff on January 5, 2021! Help get out the vote in Georgia with these postcards. Printed on USPS-mailable... View on Etsy
VOTE POSTCARD – Stars, moons, and a nice dose of red, white and blue reminds you to get out and vote, and take a friend with you. View on Zazzle
Be Part of the Blue Wave 2020 Postcard – Remind voters to vote in the upcoming special elections by customizing and adding candidate information. View on Zazzle
Postcard for Voters Paisley “VOTE" – ♥ Each postcard is 4x6" ♥ Printed on 14 pt cardstock ♥ We ship the very next business day! ♥ Shipped via USPS - FREE... View on Etsy
100 Bulk Voter Postcards 4x6” - One Vote Can Rock the Boat - Red, White and Blue Theme With Blank Back for Message to Voters - Encourage Voting In Your State – 🇺🇸 MADE IN THE USA - Our voter postcards are proudly printed in the USA. Remind people that EVERY vote counts, and that their voice matters!;... View on Amazon
100 Blue Wave "Be A Voter" postcards, perfect for Postcards to Voters and other get out the vote campaigns. – Join the blue wave and be a voter! These postcards are perfect for writing to your reps, but even better for writing to other voters in... View on Etsy

Choose Kindness! Be Kind Yard Signs

Kindness can go a long way to healing divides. Spread kindness at home, among your neighbors, and in your town or city with these motivational yard signs. Kindness wins and that should be a message understood and shared by all.

If You Can Be Anything, Be Kind Yard Sign

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Inspire kindness with this white yard sign with bold text in red and blue. The 12x18 corrugated plastic sign comes with a metal H holder.

Have Courage and Be Kind Yard Flag

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Hang this yard flag on your flag pole to inspire both courage and kindness. The sign has interesting artistic typography, making it a pleasing piece to place in your garden or by your front door or driveway.

Choose Kindness Rainbow Yard Sign

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Bold text reads Choose Kindness against a rainbow background. Get this double-sided 24x18 sign that comes with a yard stake included.

It's Cool To Be Kind Vertical Yard Sign

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Place this yard sign in your yard to show that it's cool to be kind! Colorful letters spell the sentiment on a white background. This 24x18 sign that includes a H-stake to mount in your yard.

Human-Kind -- be both Inspiring Yard Sign

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Colorful letters read HUMAN-KIND while white text below sends the message "be both." The bold message pops on the black yard sign. Get this with a stake or without if you already have one to use.

Congratulations President Elect Biden & Vice President Elect Harris

Happy tears! Congratulations, America. Celebrate! And then we all have to get to work.

Happy Birthday Kamala Harris!

Kamala Devi Harris was born on October 20, 1964 in Oakland, California. Happy 56th birthday to you, future Ms. Vice President!

About that Fly...

T-shirt designers were on Pence's fly like the fly was on Pence's head. Here's a round-up of the best Mike Pence Debate Fly T-Shirts.

Pretty Fly on a White Guy T-Shirt

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Get this Pence fly slogan design with a pair of Biden-esque patroitic shades. Text in a distressed style for a vintage look reads PRETTY FLY ON A WHITE GUY.

When They Go Low We Go Fly T-Shirt

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Bold white text makes up this slogan t-shirt inspired by Pence's fly. In all caps, this shirt reads "When They Go Low, We Go Fly" and "Biden 2020". The text has been distressed for a vintage look. 

The Fly For Vice President T-Shirt

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The fly got more press than Pence himself, that's for sure. I think he'd be a more effective V.P., too. This red and blue design that includes a basic illustrated fly looks great on a plain white tee.

Pence's Fly Marches for Biden Harris Shirt

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This shirt shows a zoomed in image of the fly on Mike Pence's head. The insect is holding the world's smallest Biden Harris 2020 sign.

Pence's Only Black Friend Fly Meme T-Shirt

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One of the 1,000 memes to come out of the memorable Vice Presidential Debate of 2020 was the idea that the fly on his head was Pence's Only Black Friend. This is a stylish text design with an oversized simple illustration of a fly.

Lord of the F'n Lies Pence's Fly T-Shirt

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A harsh image of Pence with a giant fly on his head is accompanied by this funny spoof slogan that evokes "The Lord of the Flies". Here the text reads "Lord of the F'n Lies".

Fun Biden-Harris Mandalorian Mashup Yard Sign

Fast Ship Biden 2020 Flag Bundle