Fun & Alternative Uses for Joe Biden Paper Mask

Did you dress up as Joe Biden for Halloween last year and use a photo-realistc paper mask like the one shown here? If you've got a Joe Biden paper mask that don't want to throw away, here are some ideas for re-use. 

1 Go Ridin' with Biden

Stick the mask on one of the rear passenger windows of your car. Then you'll always be Ridin' with Biden! This would go well with a matching Ridin' with Biden bumper sticker.

2 Fishy Fun

Add soothing decor to your home aquarium by placing the mask behind the glass. Give your fish and friends someone positive and relaxed to look at as they swim by.

3 Progressive Holiday Decor Year-Round

Dress up Joe to match the season or the upcoming holiday. Put a leprechaun hat on Joe's head for St. Patrick's Day, or an Easter bonnet, or a graduation cap. And you know that Joe would look great with a pair of aviators for warm summer vibes!

Other Ideas:

Add a cardboard backing and use Joe's smiling mug as a tree topper for your year-long holiday tree, or save for Christmas. 

Put a medical mask on Joe and use him as a sign in your office or business to promote mask-wearing

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